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Studio Z+ was founded by industry veterans with more than 10 years of experience in the field of architectural visualization. We are united by a passion for architecture and its representation in various forms. Our renderings are always tailor-made, technically perfectly implemented and atmospheric works of art.

Our companys philosophy is determined by the following principles:


We focus on the needs of our customers. We accompany you actively and supportively through the work process: we are happy to advise you on technical or artistic details, we do actively think about the project, and prepare alternative suggestions for various work steps, such as camera positions, composition, or lighting mood - so that your project is presented in the best possible way.


For us, it's very important to understand the goals and approach of the architectural design, in order to represent it in an authentic, custom tailored way.  Every project is different - we strive to communicate the values that the project carries through our images.


We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of architectural visualization, with more than 500 successful visualization projects. We understand our craft, and we are able to produce images of the highest quality for our customers. 


Our images have an excellent price-value ratio. By optimizing the internal infrastructure and work processes, we have developed a working model, that allows us to offer high-end quality and very competitive pricing.


Over the last 10 years, our images have contributed to the success of many architectural projects - especially in Germany and Austria.  Our partners include well-known architectural offices and real estate developers, in particular in the Vienna and Dresden area.

Studio ZPlus Partner

Architekturbüro Knötzl / Foremost Hospitality Berlin / Otto und Müller Architekten Dresden / Dudinszky Tervezőiroda / Renderwerke / Die Wohnkompanie / Atelier.23 / Haring Group / Heimat Österreich / Neue Heimat / Mischek / Frieden / Raab & Raab Capital Care Company / Schönere Zukunft / Schwarzatal / Siedlungsunion / TLG Immobilien / DVB - Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe / Richtert Group / Wilde Metallbau / PlanPartner Architekten / Studio PFP / Pfau Architekten / Immocare / Columbus Dresden / Dreamland Holding / See Architekten / Novatec Solar / Teampannon / ZDA



The gallery shows a selection of current and older works that demonstrate the quality and range of visualizations we produce.



For general and business inquiries contact us under:



1047 Budapest Attila utca 12-18. B épület 5. emelet 505. ajtó HUNGARY

​ 1230 Wien Lainergasse 8 AUSTRIA

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